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Festivals & Events

As one of the top tourist destinations in Italy, Verona has more than its share of festivals and events that will surely make your stay memorable. Over the years, millions of tourists have visited this astoundingly beautiful city west of Venice. Elegance and culture are characteristic of this city.

June to August is the opera season in Verona. Dating from as far back as 80 years ago, the opera season is something opera lovers should not miss. Operas that are regularly perfromed include Adia, Carmen, Cavelleria Rusticana, Madame Butterfly, and Tosca. All these well-loved operas can be seen at the Arena di Verona, the third largest Roman amphitheater in existence. Built in the 1st century A.D., the Arena di Verona used to be the venue for gladiator fights. Today, the Arena as it is also known is one of best places to experience open air opera. Even those who are not so keen on opera express satisfaction after this experience.

Verona is also host to the annual Carnevale. This festival dates back to 1615 and is held on Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday. Feast your eyes on the more than 500 floats participating in the parade. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the 15,000 kg of sweets that is thrown into the crowd.

Fancy a night parade? Then try the Carnevale di notte a Monteforte, which is held on the last Saturday of the Carnival period. The parade is held at night with lots of floats and masked participants.

On the first Sunday of July, participate in the Festa del Cimbri a Camposilvano. Organised by the Curatorium Cimbricum Veronese, this festival is a mixture of parades, religious rites, feasting, and tromboni shootings. Trombonis are weapons similar to the arquebus. Who knows, you might be crowned the King of the Cimbri at the end of the day!

The Festa dell'Uva a Monteforte takes place on the second Sunday of September. It literally means the grape festival. Enjoy the various competition featuring grapes. The main attraction is the grape crushing contest.

Enjoy the Nativity scene at a much grander scale than you are normally used to at the Presepio gigante a Soave. Visit the Palazzo del Capitano during Christmas season and marvel at the sheer size and yet intricate details of the Nativity scene. There is something new to see every year as different volunteers add figures and scenes.

Film enthusiasts are encouraged to visit from the end of March to early April. The annual Schermi d'Amore — Festival del Cinema Sentimentale e Melò features romantic films. Romance and Verona — a perfect match.

April hosts the biggest wine festival in Verona — Vinitaly. It was first held in 1967 and continues to attract thousands of visitors each year. Enjoy the finest wines from around the world during this five-day festival. Vinitaly not only provides business opportunities but also holds competitions and wine tasting sessions.

The Garda Trentino, held in July, caters to the sporty visitors. The Formula Windsurfing Youth World Championship is held in Torbole on Lake Garda.


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