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San Pietro di Castello

The San Pietro di Castello is actually an island, located in Venice. You can visit this island by going through any one of the two bridges from mainland Venice. It was named castello because the island used to be the home of a sixth-century castle, which was turned into the seat of the Bishop of Venice when the seventh century rolled around.

One of the most ominous structures on the island is the Basilica of San Pietro di Castello. The island used to be named Olivolo, and served as the first community of the city of Venice. This was where the religious, political, and commercial hubs were located. The first structure that was created was made in the honor of Sergio and Bacchus, and the newer version of the church was then dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle.

The church has undergone numerous restorations and renovations throughout the years since it was built. The façade was done by Andrea Smeraldi, who continued the work of Andrea Palladio, who worked on the façade in 1556. The basilica used to be called the Cathedral of Venice until 1807, when the name was changed to the Basilica of St. Mark.

One of the basilica's major features is none other than its bell tower, made of Istria stone by Mauro Codussi from 1482 to 1488. The floor plan of the church resembles that of a Latin cross. It has a single nave that is capped by a deep chancel, and two aisles with their own side chapels.

Various sculptures and monuments adorn the different areas of the chapel, and paying the island and the church a visit will surely be worth your while when you're in Venice.

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