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Piazza San Marco

Declared the "drawing room of the world" by Musset, Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark's square is probably the best place to sit and enjoy a nice afternoon in Venice. Here you will find flocks of pigeons waiting for their maize, outdoor cafes that line the square's perimeter, as well as the historic buildings that border the square.

It has borne witness to the most significant religious and political events of the Serenissima. For almost a millennium, this square was also the center of social life in Venice.

The square's shape was established during the 12th century, made in honour of the meeting of Pope Alexander III and Emperor Barbarossa. For the said meeting, Rio Batario, a canal that used to dissect the Square, was filled in. A new, smaller square was also built with the columns of San Marco and San Todaro, Venice's patron saints.

Through the years, the Square has undergone various alterations and changes, reflecting the work of the world's best architects such as Sansovino, Longhena, Scamozzi, Rizzo, and Tirani.

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