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Venice is home to quite a number of year-round festivals and events. For starters, the year opens with the Regata delle Befana, the first regatta of the lagoon city for the year.

February is the month when one of the much-awaited Venetian events is held. The Venice Carnival revives the colourful masquerade balls and costume parties that took place in 18th century. Processions, masked balls, and other age-old Venetian traditions are held, and this celebration has been known to date back to the 13th century. Most of the city's landmarks, such as St. Mark's Square, the campi, the city's various theatres, explode in colour and music, complete with theatrical performances, dances and acrobatic shows.

Another major festival is the Venice Biennale, which is held every two years — specifically, every odd-numbered year — and is the venue for all things cultural in Venice. It begins in June and ends in November. Every form of art is represented in the various events and exhibits. Films, visual arts, dance, contemporary music, architecture — you name it, the Biennale is sure to have a place for it.

The Venice Film Festival, or the Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica, meanwhile, is probably the oldest film festival to date. This annual affair is held usually in August to September. Screenings are held in cinemas throughout Venice, with a concentration in the Lido area.

The Venezia Suona is held in July every year, and forms part of the European Fete dela Musique. Most musical genres are represented, and the city comes alive and vibrant during this time.


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