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A visit to Turin will not be complete without a tour of its many castles, churches, and various historical landmarks scattered all over the city.

If there was a single item that perhaps popularized the city of Turin and made it known to world, it would be the famous Shroud of Turin. Tourists from all over the world flock to the city's Duomo to catch a glimpse of the astonishing (to others, controversial) archaeological find. However, much to the disappointment of many, a large photograph of the mythical article is the closest one can get to actually seeing it. Though it is housed in Duomo when it is not being subjected to testing, the shroud is always locked-away, and under tight security. Despite this, there is more to appreciate in the fascinating cathedral from its Renaissance-inspired structure, to the magnificent view from atop its steps.

Other celebrated attractions in Turin are the lofty Mole Antonelliana which houses the remarkable Museo Nazionale del Cinema (or National Museum of Cinema); the massive Palazzo Reale in Piazza Castello; the archaeological masterpieces at the Museo Egizio (or Egyptian Museum), which is said to be one of the best museums in Italy; Superga, the "basilica on the hill" which was the site of the uneventful plane crash of the famous Torinos football team; and the Monte dei Cappuccini which is home to Club Alpino Italiano, who erected the Museum of Mountains here.

These breath-taking locations are just a few of the superb tourist spots you can visit to enjoy and appreciate the awe-aspiring beauty of Turin. With all these attractions at hand, be sure to have your camera ready at all times!

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