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The cityscape of Turin changes once it hits dusk. The air is filled with music and the city is brimming with energy. There is a wide variety of pubs, bars, and bistros in the area, particularly in the Murazzi district, where a good number of nightspots offer quite a number of options for food, drinks and entertainment.

Bars and clubs in Turin are open until dawn and do not charge entrance fees. Most of these nightspots feature either visual artists displaying their craft in painting and sculpture, or musicians performing jazz music and other popular genres. Visual or auditory, Turin's nightlife is one huge showcase of talent. It is not uncommon to find these places packed to its full capacity, with people spilling out into the streets, until the wee hours of the morning.

But if you are looking for more relaxed alternatives, check out the restaurants and pubs in Piazza Emanuele Filiberto and Via Santa Chiara. The entrees, wines and cocktails will surely fuel your mind and body to do more exploring of Turin's exciting nightlife. Art de Vivre is quite a unique cocktail experience, where historic meets trendy, and "repetitive" is not the equivalent of "monotonous". Its cocktails, ambience and people create an atmosphere that is relaxed and friendly, yet funky.

Apart from its numerous theatres and auditoriums, Turin has over 200 discotheques, about 800 restaurants, and a whopping 1,600 bars and clubs to party the night away. The choices for night entertainment in this highly energetic city are as colourful and exciting as any big city.

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