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Italy is known for its outstanding gastronomy. It has famous wine regions, including Chianti, Barolo, Amarone, and many others. Among the mentioned, Barolo is considered Italy’s greatest red wine, while the Franciacorta region is best known for its sparkling wines. North, Central, and South Italy both have fine vineyards, and these areas are divided into regions which are generally visited by wine enthusiasts and experts.

Luxury wine tours are prevalent in Italy, as it offers many more features than ordinary tours, such as private transportation, visiting private wine vineyards, and tasting the more exclusive wines. Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts have the option of choosing wine-tasting weekends, day trips to wine estates (short wine tours), and wine journeys, which is easily the most comprehensive of the three. For example, luxury wine-tasting weekends would include exclusive wine tasting at estates not usually visited by tourists, a private chauffeur, and options to try Italian cooking and Italian spas. The short wine tours are full-day excursions to widely-hailed wine regions in the area (for example Lombardy) and offer some of the same services as wine-tasting weekend tours like VIP visits to secluded wine estates. Wine journeys are the longest wine tours and are offered for honeymooners and serious wine enthusiasts. Visits to ancient castles and vineyards are included in the itinerary, and cooking classes are also offered, all the while being privately chauffeured in a luxury vehicle.

Other popular wine regions include Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, Apulia, and Sicily. Many wine tour operators will also have a wine tasting expert on hand to give mini-lectures and help with questions and queries.

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