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Among the European countries, Italy is one of the most popular destinations for weddings. With a picturesque countryside, beautiful waters, and a near-perfect climate, a wedding in Italy is a fine way to celebrate the joy of marriage.

There is no lack of beautiful wedding sites in Italy. Many wedding tours will offer planning in advance, including the venue, wedding reception, photographers, and other such professional services. Top wedding sites in Italy include Tuscany, the Italian Riviera, Rome, Verona, Umbria, the Lake District, Lombardy, and the Amalfi Coast. From sun-dappled beach areas to quiet and remote villages, these sites offer the chance of realizing your dream wedding. Because wedding tours will often take care of the details, there is no reason to be stressed or pressured from organisational demands.

Some of the most popular wedding venues include castles, luxury villas, and even entire medieval hamlets rented exclusively for guests and participants. Wedding receptions can also be held in vineyards, villas, quaint restaurants, and ancient castles.

Honeymoon tours are also very popular in Italy. The wedding venues and sites also often prove to be the same for honeymoon tours, and many wedding tour operators will offer bundled services for both the wedding and the honeymoon. Couples can choose from the budget honeymoons to the more luxurious, depending on where they want to go. Popular honeymoons include the Italian Lakes, Venice, Verona, Florence, and the Italian Riviera.

Not all Italy wedding and honeymoon tours are expensive and luxurious. There are options available for those working on a budget, and many wedding tour operators will be glad to assist you in that area.

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