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Photo: The amazing coastline of Cinque Terre, Italy 

Italy is blessed with a stunning landscape and architecture. It is considered as a good destination for walking tours because it has the highest and the most peculiar pieces of the Alps. The people in the villages are friendly and the country’s coastline is dazzling. Travel agents can set an itinerary for you that can make sure that the best places are visited with utmost comfort and satisfaction.

The walking tour serves as a good activity for individuals or groups to truly immerse themselves in the culture and nature of Italy. Experts of the towns in the country will guide tourists through its history, landscapes, architecture, art and culinary specialties. Unlike other tours, walking lets visitors appreciate and understand the beauty and wonders of Italy in a very unique way.

A walking tour could last for several days with walking comprising of about one to four hours each day. The travel agency usually handles accommodation and meals. The guides are well versed in English as well as the local language allowing visitors to communicate effectively. The paths and trails that will be traversed per day are varied and well designed making the tour more enjoyable and giving the traveller always something to look forward to.

Seeing Italy in this manner is not just about the tour. This activity promises to awaken and promote the outgoing nature of an individual, and one’s health will most definitely improve as one walks through the beauteous terrain of the Italian countryside. And at the end of a day’s walk (and a well-worked up appetite!), enjoy some of the best cuisine in the country away from the package holiday trails.

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