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Italy is one of the world’s foremost birthplaces of music. Classical composers such as Puccini, Vivaldi, and Verdi are well-known among music connoisseurs, and such is their popularity that people around the world fly to Italy to hear their music played on their home soil. Classical music is one of Italy’s important cultural treasures, apart from gastronomy, architecture, and art.

There are plenty of tour operators and companies that offer music tours in Italy. Most of them will offer cultural programmes to their guests, and some have links to renowned opera houses, music festivals, and other such cultural institutions associated with music. Typical music tour packages include visits to famous operas and theatres such as the La Scala in Milan, admission to local and international festivals like the Verona and Macerate Opera Festivals, and daytrips to the towns of famous musicians and composers.

Opera performances will often include Puccini’s Turandot and Madama Butterfly, Verdi’s A Masked Ball and Aida, depending on the Italian cities listed on the itinerary. It is only in Sicily itself, for example, that tourists can hear the rarely performed opera of Scarletti, widely considered to be the father of classical Italian opera.

Italy music tours normally cost from US $1,000 upwards, depending on the tour package, itinerary, and length of stay. For those wanting to extend their tour, additional cost will be required.

There are also options for those wanting to tour in a group or independently. Those who opt for independent music tours can choose which festivals and operas to see at their own time, pace, and leisure.

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