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Luxury Train


Italy is both famous in modern times and in the past. With well-kept ruins and archaeological sites, mouth-watering cuisine and gastronomy, and peerless art works and treasures, luxury train travel is one of the best ways to look at them all.

Luxury train travel usually lasts from nine days to 14 days, depending on where in Italy you will be going and what type of luxury tour you signed up for. Some tour operators offer luxury train travel themes, such as Italian Highlights, Journeying through Italy, Classical Italy, and Italy for the Family. These introduce the tourists to specific places and areas mostly away from the crowds for their own enjoyment. A sample luxury train tour itinerary, for example, would include passing through the cities of Florence, Rome, Tuscany, and Sicily, soaking in local culture, and taking part in wine and food tasting. Most luxury group tours are structured with their schedules, although this is amply spread out over the days of the tour.

Companies and groups which offer luxury train travel through Italy will typically have contacts with first-class hotels and establishments, skilled tour operators, and limited group sizes. Other features of luxury train travel include private wine tasting at the Chianti region, private tours of art galleries and other such establishments, and first-class treatment all the way.

When it comes to luxury trains, one of the oldest and most well-known in the world is the Venice Simplon Orient Express. The Orient Express first took her maiden voyage in 1883 and has since then set the standard for comfort, style, and elegance. The Orient Express is the height of luxury when it comes to cuisine, wine, and accommodations.

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