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Photo: The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy 

Italy’s rich cultural past has contributed not just to the heritage of its people, but to the world’s history as well. All of its main cities, most key provincial states and many small towns have preserved relics of different civilizations. A magical journey awaits the traveller as thousands of museums, archaeological sites, monuments, medieval fortresses and Gothic edifices are spread out across the nation.

Taking part in a historical tour can show you how the Romans fought for the equality of rights against the Etruscans with The Twelve Tables of Laws. These were not only the first written laws of Rome; it is today, a foundation for law among many great nations. Travel across the nation and experience the influence of the Roman Empire where peaceful pursuits led to the flourishing of arts and literature. On holidays, literary contests, chariot races and gladiatorial combats were held in grand and colossal architecture. Travel on foot through the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

The Romans were also great builders as seen in their aqueducts, baths, roads, bridges, and theaters. Explore the many country homes built for prosperous Romans called villas, with attractive gardens, fountain, exquisite paintings, marble statues and tiled baths. Travel to Taormina, the medieval mountaintop town where castles for the feudal lords boasts stunning views. See Gothic cathedrals, the crowning glory of medieval architecture in Venice, Milan and Genoa. Florence’s Uffizi Gallery has a vast collection of its artistic heritage in paintings and sculptures of the renaissance era. Visit a magnificent example of Renaissance architecture, St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City. Travel down south to experience the Great Mediterranean past that has influenced the beautiful island of Sicily.

The treasures of Italy are not confined to architectural pursuits. Works of geniuses abound, from Da Vinci’s The Last Supper to David’s La Pieta and Michaelangelo’s sculptures. See how the rise and fall of this great nation has influenced its people to excel in humanities and the arts. The grandeur that was Rome is so much more when you see it with your very own eyes. Experiencing Italy through its history is more than a holiday, its shows us how this country’s fine arts, philosophy, education and literature, has enriched the world civilization as we know it today.

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