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Experience one of the world’s greatest destinations by exploring the gastronomic delights in its ancient cities, quaint villages, magnificent vineyards, and breathtaking lakeside villas. Take in the sights and relish Italy’s epicurean tastes through some unique gourmet tours that could change the way to look at food for good.

This is the land famous for its pizza and pasta dishes, but today’s food and wine in Italy has evolved into a feast for the senses. Dishes are prepared in the traditional culinary customs with each region having a distinct flavor, using its natural, bountiful harvests. Italian dishes are marked by its simplicity, yet allowing inventiveness to play around with flavours, to the delight of distant travellers who continue to spread it across the globe.

A culinary or gastronomic tour of Italy lets the traveller learn the Italian way of life through its food. Seasoned chefs pass on the traditions of Northern Italian cooking while Valtellina in Lombardy beckons. Your trip may bring you to see Villa Del Balbianello on the other side of Lake Como or to the monastery of Villa Luppis for a visit to a wine cellar. Explore and taste the fresh produce from the colourful town markets before escaping to one of Tuscany’s private villas for a lecture on Italian cheeses. Walk under the morning Tuscan sun, cooled by breezes perfumed with rosemary and thyme as you prepare for your cooking lesson, creating dishes from the freshest, seasonal ingredients available. Umbria brings you to a famous pottery town of Deruta as well as the hill town of Assisi and the black truffles of Norcia. Your seaside hotel in Sicily brings you a picturesque harbor view while you take lessons on antipasto, primo, secondo piatto and contorno, which you partake later with a fine Marsala wine.

Whatever your heart desires, Italy abounds with many destinations that offer some of the best culinary experiences in Europe, whether you are a skilled or aspiring cook, a gourmet, or a gourmand, you’re sure to discover a whole new delicious world in Italy.

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