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Why ski in Italy?


Having high-profile mountain ranges (the Western Alps, the Dolomites, the Apennine Mountains, and others) as a part of is landscape has really boosted Italy’s skiing profile tremendously. And, it is not only because of the pristine view and the breathtaking scenery of these landmarks.

With different kinds of slopes found along the country’s icy mountains, skiing has fast become one of the top reasons why Italy is such a crowd-drawer. Whether it is competitive skiing or skiing for fun, the adrenaline rush brought about by this sport is a perfect complement to the picturesque sights that could be witnessed along the way.

One of the best aspects of skiing in Italy is the crowd that you could encounter while testing its slopes. Most of the ski resorts in the country are good venues for beginners since there is an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment (more than anything else) created Italian skiing crowd. However, do not discount the skill of the skiers there or the flexibility of its facilities and slopes. Italy is still one of the best ski destinations in the world, mainly because of its ability to cater to both the amateur and professional crowds.

Furthermore, the ski education in Italy (or any European ski country for that matter) is very sound because it has been through centuries of experience. So, if you decide to enroll in a ski school in Italy (or in any European ski country), you will discover how organised and professional the ski instruction system is over there. European ski instructors, in general, bring in a lot of proficiency and experience to the table. And because of that, they have been known to make skilled skiers out of ordinary folk.

The facilities and places for skiing around Italy aren’t necessarily peanuts either. Take the Cervinia, a ski resort situated in the Italian Alps, for example. Aside from having lifts that have a wide coverage capability (all the way up to Zermatt in Switzerland) and enable quick access to destination points, the resort has made a living with its extensive slopes (for long runs) and a good combination of sun and snow.

Another location in Italy that doesn’t fail to meet skiers’ expectations is the Courmayeur. Situated at the foot of Mont Blanc, skiing in Courmayeur is year-round due to the presence of the Gigante Glacier. The resort’s series of high mountain peaks forms a 60-mile-long trail that is perfect for any level of skiing, as well as cross-country tracks.

Undoubtedly, the most unique and fascinating ski-related facility to date is the Dolomiti Superski. Tagged as world’s largest ski carousel, this facility enables skiers to access all the lift facilities, pistes, downhill runs, and all others connected to the Dolomites. It is even said that the Dolomiti Superski allows access to around 650 miles of ski runs.

Of course, you couldn’t enjoy skiing in Italy without having a taste of a little Italian culture-the cuisine, the nightlife, the landscape, the people, and the arts. With all that in mind, Italy is one item that will always be listed in any ski enthusiast’s places-to-go checklist.


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