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Things to Do in Rome


Rome’s silhouette from the Janiculum Hill at dawn can leave anyone mesmerized. It is a city of unbelievably beautiful and haunting images — broken marble columns, ruins of temples and a gloriously decorated St. Peter’s dome fading against a captivating sunset. The city is also music to the ears. The morning starts with peals of church bells calling the faithful to mass. As the day progresses, different sounds merge to create an amazing symphony.

Every corner of Rome is an attraction. Shops line the streets, fruit and vegetable stands are bustling with activity, and homemakers contribute to the general din as they haggle over prices and argue over quality.

Tourists start to make their presence felt at around 10 am. At this time, you’ll see them battling the crowds on the streets as they wind their way from baroque buildings and Renaissance palaces to the famous ruins of antiquity. Summer remains to be the favorite tourist season. Rome always plays host excellently — entertaining visitors by wining, dining, and entertaining them in the most unique fashion.

The main attraction of Rome remains to be art. Here, you can see and admire a 17th century colonnade designed by Bernini while resting against an Egyptian obelisk. You can also stand amid splendid Renaissance frescoes in a papal palace built on top of the tomb of a Roman emperor. Though already brimming with beauty, Rome went all out to spruce in the year 2000. The Jubilee deserved nothing less, so decades’ worth of grime from car exhaust and other pollution was scrubbed from the city’s facades, revealing the original glorious state of the Eternal City. Ancient treasures such as the Colosseum were fixed up. Popular areas such as the Trevi fountain and Piazza Navona became inviting again.

A visit to Rome won’t be complete without a visit to the Museo Nazionale Romano. It used to occupy only the Diocletian Baths but now, it is divided into four different sections: Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, the Terme di Diocleziano, with the annex Octagon Hall, and Palazzo Altempa (which is near Piazza Navona).

During the summer, Rome becomes more tourist-friendly under their program “Art and Monuments Under the Stars”. The program made sightseeing all the more pleasant and convenient as some of Rome’s most popular monuments, archaeological sites, and museums not only stay open until 8 or 10 pm but also extend till 11:30 pm. For these special summer schedules, they reopen one or more nights and offerings include guided tours (often in English), concerts, or simply general admission to sights for those more comfortable with going out during the night.

The Vatican was a big help in making the city a tourism center. They created great Renaissance treasures and even occasionally incorporated the old into the new. Bernini also adorned the city with glorious fountains and other wonders of the baroque.

After absorbing all the culture, it’s time to see the other side of Rome. The charm of a Roman evening includes finding a charming café at twilight and watching the spectacular sunset.

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