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Trevi Fountain

You can get to this landmark by making use of the Barberini Metro. It is located in the Piazza di Trevi, and one of the Trevi Fountain's (or the Fontana di Trevi) claims to fame was its part in the film Three Coins in a Fountain. The film served as some sort of tourist promotion, as visitors began flocking to the place after it screened. Another film that popularised the fountain was La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini.

The water that flows through this fountain comes from the Acqua Vergine aqueduct. Its architecture was by Nicolo Salvi, and the design is said to be a perfect example of the baroque style. The construction of the Trevi Fountain was concluded in 1762, and its motif revolves around the figure of Neptunus Rex standing on a chariot drawn by winged horses, and led by a pair of tritons. Two figures flank the structure, each meaning good health and fertility. Corinthians columns also create an arch representing Neptune's palace.

Its name was taken from its location, where an intersection of three roads or
trevie, can be seen. It holds the distinction of being one of the most photographed landmarks in the whole of Rome.

Tourists flock to this fountain because of the legend that throwing a coin into the fountain will ensure that you will return to Rome. So for those who wish to return to this lovely city, a ritual should be followed. When you get to the fountain, you should first take a drink from the rim of the fountain, then, turn around and cast a penny into the fountain over your shoulder with your left hand.

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