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Rome's nightlife may come as a surprise for many. Being one of the most popular cities in the whole of Europe, Rome's nocturnal activities are more laid back than that of its European cousins. This, however, does not mean that Rome isn't a great place to party. It's got places that would cater to just about any personality. Most just tend to be more relaxed, refined, and undeniably Roman.

A typical Roman Saturday night out would involve a long, sumptuous dinner while catching up with friends at a lively restaurant. Then, you continue conversations over some "gelato" or ice cream. Most restaurants have tables and chairs set up outside for customers to be able to appreciate the scenery by day or people-watch in the evening. And further into your night out, you and your friends take a lengthy stroll around town until the wee hours of the morning. Some of the best places for an evening out are Campo dei Fiori, the Piazza Navona area, and Trastevere.

If drinking is a must for you to have a good time, there are hundreds of Irish and Scottish pubs around the city for you to choose from. And if you're more of the bar-hopping type and wants to see and get a taste of some Roman clubbing action, then the best area for you to head to would be the Piramide and Via Otense areas in Testaccio. This place has an abundance of nightclubs and bars in Rome.

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