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The entertainment scene of Rome is a colourful mixture of countless pleasures that are capable of stimulating all the senses and invigorating the weary spirit. From its beautiful sights to its delicious food and unmistakable talent coming from every corner, you are sure to be fabulously entertained in the Eternal City.

Rome's magnificent sights are enough to make anyone smile. The towering basilicas and impressive cathedrals are all so rich with artistry that it would be difficult to walk through any given street at a quickened pace. The wonderful ancient ruins bring forth stories of a long and significant past that are enough to let one's imagination run wild.

Roman entertainment emerges from its numerous theatres, arenas, literary cafes, bars and nightclubs. Football, the country's most popular sport, is always a delight to watch, especially with die-hard fans of competing teams passionately cheering and rooting for their local heroes. The city's opera house, the Teatro dell' Opera, showcases Rome's best home-grown talents in performing arts. Although most plays and operas performed in Rome are in Italian, there are quite a number of shows that are more for the appreciation of tourists. To come to Rome and not see an opera or play would be missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures.

Perhaps the most interesting (and most popular) activity engaged in by Romans is the nightly "passeggiata", where, as evening takes over, people make sure to look their best and go out on a leisurely stroll around the city. It's all about seeing and being seen, greeting acquaintances, and just good old people watching. And when all the walking has taken its toll on you, it's recommended to pause for some authentic Italian ice cream or wine. As they say: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

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