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Somewhere in North-eastern Italy, there exists a place that can be found between sky and the sea. This is Veneto. Flanked by the Adriatic Sea and the elevated terrain of the Alps, it will be easy to miss the details of this Italian region when anxiously travelling to the popular city of Venice, its capital. However, if you are the type that appreciates the serenity of nature's artistic abilities, it is highly recommended that you stop to experience the beauty of Veneto.

In addition to Venice, Veneto is composed of many quaint little towns including Verona, Padua, Treviso, Belluno, Rovigo and Vicenza. One of the most important cities here is Verona — hometown of that legendary couple, Romeo and Juliet. It is here where you will find a grand arena, which used to be an ancient Roman amphitheatre, and traditionally reserved for opera. This structure, along with many other bridges, buildings and villas, are attributed to Veneto's rich architectural heritage.

And because it is caught between mountain terrain and ocean, the weather is perfect for agricultural produce. In fact, Veneto used to run a largely agricultural economy, with its fine wines such as Valpolicella and Soave from its groves of vineyards, among others. Now, as contemporary times seep in, Veneto is highly involved in the manufacturing and fashion industry. Major fashion companies to enter the region were Marzotto and Benetton.

Apart from the high participation in manufacturing, cultural tourism also plays a large role in the regions economy. Top vacation spots among others are Lake Garda, Jesolo, and Cortina d' Ampezzo, where tourists settle in by the droves every year.

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