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Valle d'Aosta


Located in north-western Italy, Valle d'Aosta, or the Aosta Valley, is the smallest region in all of Italy. Bordered by some of Europe's highest and most beautiful mountains, the surroundings are not thetypical Italian landscape we have gotten used to.

Valle d'Aosta, whose capital is Aosta-Aoste, is a highly multi-cultural
(and thus, multi-lingual) region in Italy due to the presence of international neighbors and governing races at different points intime. With France and Switzerland in the outskirts, and previous Romanand German occupancy in some parts, various languages and dialects cannaturally be heard from the mouths of residents of this Italian region.Though its government legislatures and acts are written in French, the widely used dialect is Franco-Provencal.

As a part of Italy, it is also of course very rich in arts and craftsmanship. However, the artistic heritage is not typically Italian either. Gothic structures are most obvious in all areas, despite being previously occupied by various cultures. Amidst the many Gothic churches and castles that sprawl throughout the region, The Treasury Museum of the cathedral in Aosta-Aoste provides us with much proof of Gothic inspiration with the multitude of marble statues and other
sculptures on display for our appreciation.

There is a multitude of sights to see and savour when in Val d'Aosta
(as it is also called). The grandeur of its marble-clad towns are not to miss. Though it is the smallest region in the country, Valle d'Aosta can very well be considered as one of Italy's greatest hidden treasures.

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