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Situated on the central western area of the Italian peninsula, Abruzzo is a remote and mountainous region in Italy, which boasts of a setting that is charmingly classical and filled with the wonders of nature.

Spread within a surface area of around 10,794 square kilometers, and home to 1.3 million inhabitants, the region is comprised of four provinces, namely L'Aquila, Teramo, Chieti, and Pescara.

L'Aquila is the capital of Abruzzo, serving as a prime tourist spot with its lovely city and scenic mountain setting. If you are longing to see castles and medieval towns depicting the age-old Italian way of life, then L'Aquila will amaze you with its wealth of these structures. And since L'Aquila sits at the foot of the highest mainland point in Italy, the Gran Sasso, the city has also become a popular ski destination for tourists. Additionally, Pescara serves as the main economic zone of Abruzzo.

Abruzzo is covered with a wide expanse of forest as it plays home to the Apennine mountain range, which is considered as the last Italian wilderness. The region is most notable for the abundance of flora and fauna in its national parks, particularly the Abruzzo National Park and Maiella National Park.

But even if the majority of Abruzzo's coverage is filled with greens, landscapes, and classic structures, the fact that the eastern part of the region lies on the Adriatic Sea shouldn't be forgotten. And when there's sea, white sandy beaches are a sure thing in Abruzzo, which can particularly be found along the south of Pescara and the Adriatic north.

Wonderful as the sights are, visitors are in for treat, as the cuisine in Abruzzo is known for being a veritable gastronomic delight, where simple home cooking has taken on a different, delicious level.

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