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When many people think of a luxury vacation, Portofino is usually on the top of that list. It began as a fishing town but it has also become one of Italy’s most popular tourist spots due to its natural beauty and home to many wealthy people.

Portofino, according to Pliny the elder, was also known as Portus Delphini or Port of the Dolphin. This was probably inspired by the large number of dolphins that inhabited the Tigullian gulf.

The very air in Portofino hints at La Dolce Vita and that is how many feel about staying in Portofino. Blessed with the sunny summer weather, it has grown into a resort village, housing many rich and famous people on vacation.

The Italian Riviera, the beach is filled with international celebrities, wealthy but not so famous people, Italian businessmen and the locals especially during summer. It is best to go to the beach in the late afternoon to be able to truly appreciate the beauty of Portofino, without the crowds.

If activity is what you want, there are many sports to be enjoyed in Portofino. You can go wind surfing or sailing. Scuba divers will definitely want to go to the reefs, which is the heart of the Protected Marine Area of Portofino. This is off limits to fishermen. This area is for those want to enjoy looking at the wonders of the sea.

You can go off to play some golf or tennis if you prefer. For those who love to hike and would like to explore, take a walk to the bay of San Fruttuoso and explore the 10th century Benedictine abbey located there. You can also take a ferry there if you feel you aren’t up to the two hour walk.

The tall, pastel coloured houses and resorts surrounding the semi-circle that is the port has invited many amateur photographers, painters and artists of all sorts to try and capture the beauty of this place. From Roman times to this day, Portofino is postcard perfect each time.

The Parco Naturale Regionale di Portofino or Portofino Natural Park is a beautiful place to take a hike through. There are chestnut trees and olive groves. There are many birds and invertebrates inhabiting the park. Portofino is in fact an area of true natural beauty as its seabed supports the preservation of the sea biocenosis of the upper Tyrrhenian sea.

The best place to eat in Portofino is at the harbour. Da Puny is the most recommended restaurant on the harbour, and not just because of their delicious food. The fish is fresh, the lasagna and the antipasto are excellent but it is the owner of Da Puny who makes the experience unforgettable with his ability to remember the names and personal preferences of his special guests.

Another good place to eat is at Taverna del Marinaio. This is where the locals gather and as they say, where the locals gather is where the good food must be. The seafood here is really good.

Since Portofino is very popular, it can be really crowded. The peak is from July to August. The best time to visit Portofino is in September or October which will allow you more space to enjoy the beauty of the town since there will be less of a crowd.

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