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Florence offers a good number of nightlife options to its visitors. You can take your pick from visiting any one of the busy pubs and dance clubs, spending a relaxed evening in one of its quaint cafes, or listening to live music which is offered in a wide variety of venues.

Live music can be enjoyed at the Dolce Zucchero on Via dei Pandolfini. It is one of the better places to experience the pulse of Florentine nightlife, and people of all ages flock to this venue to enjoy some the city's finest sounds. For a night of dancing or nightclubbing, visit the Universale, located on Via Pisana 77r. After enjoying the night, you can cap it off with a pizza at the pizzeria above it, and staying until 11pm will entitle you to a live band show. A DJ then takes over until the wee hours of the morning.

If the party scene is not for you, you can opt to have an espresso in any of the charming cafes. While this might be a bit expensive, the relaxing atmosphere completely makes up for it. Try the 1733 Café Gilli on Piazza della Repubblica, where you can find most of the tourists. This café used to be the place where heroes and great thinkers would gather to discuss the unification of Italy.

The Rivoire on Piazza della Signoria on Via Vacchereccia is also an ideal place to have an authentic Florentine cup of coffee. Where the Café Gilli used to be the place of futurists, the Rivoire is was the hangout of literary greats and intellectual types of the 19th century.

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