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Festival & Events

Florence's calendar of events may not be one that is filled to the brim, but there are an interesting series of events that one can thoroughly enjoy.

Every year during February, the Florence Carnival takes place, which is basically a party held days before the Lenten season. This mix of Catholic and Pagan celebrations will not fail to impress, as the wild celebrations, especially those in Florence, are unparalleled. Infusing cosmopolitanism with celebration, customs from all over the globe are included in the festivities, especially those from Mexican culture, Brazilian culture, and even Chinese.

Saturday, the beginning of the Carnival is celebrated by each community having a grand fête. While Sunday, all communities fuse together in one procession, beginning at the Piazza Ognissanti down to the Piazza della Signoria.

In March, Florentines celebrate the Scoppio del Carro, or the Explosion of the Cart. Every year at this time, Florentines come together at the Piazza del Duomo to witness as the Colombina, a dove-shaped rocket which takes off from the Duomo and sets fire to an enormous wooden cart located in the square.

Another much-awaited celebration is the Winter in Florence festival, which begins in November, and ends in February. This festival is precisely what its name indicates — a celebration of winter. Numerous shows, concerts, events, and exhibitions are held in a variety of venues, as one of the main objectives of this festival is for visitors to get to know the whole of Florence's splendor.

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