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Women Travellers


Women travellers have to be slightly more careful than men to ensure they have a happy and hassle free trip.

Some tips for women travellers' personal security are outlined below.

The difficulties encountered by women travelling alone in Italy are often overstated. It is true that women have to put up with a lot of male attention, but it is rarely dangerous. Ignoring whistles and questions is the best way to get rid of unwanted attention.

Be vigilant at airports, main train stations and places with large crowds. Your biggest concern should be pickpocketers who operate as individuals or in groups. Stay in close contact with all your belongings, including your luggage.

The standard advice for women travellers in Italy is not to take anything of great sentimental or monetary value. If you do, then use the facilities in the hotel by putting your valuables in their safe.

The design of your handbag can be a large factor as to whether it gets snatched. If it has thin straps that could break or snap easily, it will be more enticing to a pickpocket or bag snatcher.

Avoid going out alone at night in seedy areas.

Avoid eye contact with some individuals by wearing dark sunglasses.

Keep coins in your pocket to use on buses and subways so that you don't have to keep on getting your purse out. Don't carry all your cash on you. It is a good idea to use travellers cheques or euro cheques rather than taking large quantities of cash. Be extra careful when using cash machines.

Deposit your room key at the desk before going out.

There are many women only hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast accommodation throughout Italy.

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