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Travellers Cheques


In Italy the monetary unit is the euro. Travellers cheques are highly recommended as they can be replaced easily if they are either lost or stolen. Your issuing company should be able to get replacements to you within 24 hours. Ensure you keep a record of your cheques serial numbers separate from the cheques themselves.

Commission will be charged when you cash travellers cheques in. In most cases, shopkeepers and restaurants will not accept travellers cheques so it is advisable to change a limited amount of money when you arrive at the airport. This is especially important if you arrive in Italy on a weekend when all the banks will be closed. You will not find a problem cashing money in the larger cities and towns, but journeying through the more rural areas when you will find yourself many miles from a cash machine or bank, it is advisable to have enough cash on you for the day. The larger hotels will cash your traveller cheques, but you may not get a very good rate of exchange.

Try minimising the commissions charged by taking euro travellers cheques rather than dollars or sterling.

Banks are generally open between 8am and 8.30am. They shut for lunch for approximately one and a half hours, generally between 2.30pm and 4pm.

It is possible to cash your travellers cheques at all main railway stations and airports. The rates of exchange fluctuate enormously day-to-day. You will find exchange rates listed in all the banks as well as published in the press.

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