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Medical Treatment


Emergency and urgent medical care is available at hospital Emergency rooms at the hospitals with an emergency telephone number, 118, for 24-hour access to emergency medical assistance throughout Italy. If transport to a hospital is required, an ambulance is sent - if transport not required the First Aid Service (Guardia Medica) is sent.

The emergency number is also in contact with the mobile units, hospitals and other services, which cover emergencies such as the Police and Fire Brigade.

Medical Assistance & Insurance
The national health system covers only Italian and European citizens, so visitors who are not covered should ensure they have a medical insurance policy. The policy should be one that applies overseas and will cover emergency expenses such as a medical repatriation, of the insured and dependants. Many medical insurance plans do not cover health costs incurred outside the home nation unless special coverage is bought.

A First Aid service, called Pronto Soccorso, makes available a doctor at airports, railway stations and ports and in all hospitals.

Prescription medicines can only be purchased at pharmacies/chemists, farmacia. In large cities they may be open throughout the day until 19.30, but elsewhere keep shop times, 08.30 to 12.30 and 15.00 to 19.30, Monday to Saturday.

Most prescription drugs available internationally are also available in Italy, but if a medicine is unusual it is advisable to travel with enough supply for the trip rather than finding it locally or to avoid the complications of taking out a prescription locally.

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