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Internet Cafes

When travelling around Italy, you can leave your cumbersome laptop at home as it couldn't be easier to get in touch with friends and family through the wide variety of Internet Cafés around the country. Cyber cafes in Italy are mostly found in the country's larger cities, and here you'll come across a good number of establishments offering a variety of services – from simple email and surfing access to 24/7 opening times, complete with refreshments and an assortment of business services.

If you do bring your laptop to Italy and find yourself in need of technical help, you'll be glad to know that some of the larger internet cafes also offer technical assistance. From computer repair to help with software programmes, to website and graphic design lessons, many cafes are equipped with almost any form of multilingual customer-help.

More so, there are some internet cafes in Italy which offer services that are not limited to virtual space. Printing and scanning, cd burning, international calls and faxing, as well as letter typing, and even travel advice, are just some of the other useful services offered to travellers.

Traditional things like newspapers, magazines, games and satellite television are also within the range of Italian internet cafes' amenities. Likewise, you're also bound to find a number of these cafés also double as bookshops, and dish up drinks, snacks and even brunch - from simple prosiutto and olive rolls to fabulous pizzas and salads.

Internet cafés in Italy are easily found in tourist areas, such as train stations and other busy locations. The prices at Italian cyber cafes range from around 1 euro for half an hour or more.

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