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Custom Regulations

The rules on tax-free shopping are enforced strictly in Italy.

On entering and leaving Italy, luggage is examined or screened by customs. Permitted amounts on entry include 200 cigarettes and a quantity of cigars or pipe tobacco not exceeding 500 grams. A maximum of two bottles of wine and one bottle of hard liquor/spirits per person may be brought in duty-free. The bottles must not be open. Any other goods that total more than €175.50 must be declared on arrival and the duty paid. Non-EU citizens can reclaim the Value Added Tax (VAT) when leaving Italy or the European Union.

If staying in a private home the visitor must register with the nearest police station within three days, but normally for hotel guests the hotel would deal with these formalities.

From implementation of new legislation in May 2005, a nationwide crackdown on the sellers and buyers of counterfeit items, i.e. purses, sunglasses, watches and belts, bearing luxury labels such as Prada, Gucci, Fendi and many others now means that criminal charges may be brought against people caught purchasing counterfeit products with fines up to 10,000 Euros.

In accordance with EC Regulations, it is obligatory to have a European Community Veterinary Certificate for pets imported.

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