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Must See Sites in Italy


Italy seems to have everything, from sprawling hills, and snow capped mountains, to fertile soil in hundreds of vineyards, and to top it all off, the wide open seas. This boot-shaped country also takes pride in a vast and diverse culture and history. Its history is the amalgamation of different cultures spanning not only Europe and Asia but also the world.

It was once known as the centre of trade, industry, and power during the pinnacle of the Roman Empire. It is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, and home to a pool of highly creative people who created priceless works of art like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Historical landmarks also abound in Italy like the Basilica of St. Peter where all the modern Popes assume their seat as the father of the Roman Catholic Church. The legendary Coliseum is also a spot worth mentioning, as it was an engineering marvel of its time, and the venue of all Roman celebrations and battles of the gladiators. As if that wasn’t enough. Lake Como is a popular destination for the rich and famous who just wants to get away of all the pressures of being a celebrity.

With all this on offer, even the average backpacker can uncover Italy’s treasure trove, courtesy of the hostels in Italy. Rome is one of the most popular hostel destinations world-wide, and is home to some ground-breaking budget options. The Alessandro palace hostel has an energy-saving air conditioning system and heating units. A proud member of Europe’s Famous Hostels, Alessandro Palace has its on site pub with TV satellite and the cheapest drink specials in town.

Exquisite inside out, Hostel Beautiful was awarded the Most Improved Hostel Award worldwide. Modern amenities coupled with a relaxing ambiance make this the perfect getaway from the bright lights of the big city.

Italy’s Mosaic Hostel is only a few blocks away from central Termini, and offers clean spacious rooms. Especially designed for web enthusiasts, Mosaic’s lobby is built with Wi-fi unlimited access.

Far from the bustle of central Rome stands Hotello di Roma. It offers quality lodging at a very competitive price, in a splendid 18th century Villa rising amidst the elegance of San Giovanni.

If you want to stay close to the Vatican Museum, B&B Le Sebille Bed and Breakfast is a good choice. Equipped with every kind of comfort you could ask for, Le Sebille offers spacious apartment rooms.

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