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Backpacking in Modena


What do Enzo Ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti, tortellini, Lambrusco wine and parmesan cheese all have in common? Well, they all came from Modena!

The town boasts of 48 miles of cycling tracks for bikers, 16 cinemas, 25 libraries of antique books, and one of Europe’s oldest universities. Located in the heart of the Po Valley, Modena is one of the most developed towns in the whole of Europe and tourists from all over the world flock to see its numerous art treasures. The 12th century Cathedral, Piazza Grande and Ghirlandina Tower have all been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Five of the top rated tourist attractions in Modena include Rocca Di Vignola, Montefiorino, Museo della Repubblica, Sestola and Fanano. If you own (or have dreamt of owning) a Ferrari, make sure to visit Galleria Ferrari in Maranello.

Find a hostel

Accommodation is often the biggest cost when travelling, especially in Italian cities. If you want to save on your accommodation costs, don’t book a hotel, but check out one of the top rated hostels in Modena. Many Modena hostel offers private rooms for a fraction of the price.

Head for the Market

There are of course so many tempting restaurants to choose from. You will find many dishes irresistible, but you can still get great fresh food at the market or over the grocery counter. You can save up to more than 50 percent of your meal expenses simply going to the local grocery stores and buying fresh meat and cheese for a picnic. There are plenty of free areas in Modena where you can just sit down and eat, from public parks to picturesque squares.

Places to Visit

To learn more about the history and background of the place, try the Palazzo dei Musei. This large structure houses many galleries and museums. Go immediately to the Galleria Estense, which is on the highest floor, where paintings and sculptures dating back to the Renaissance can be viewed. If you are interested in old manuscripts and books, visit the Biblioteca Estense and see the most decorated bible in the world — the Bibbio Borso. There are also exhibits on the Bronze Age and Medieval stonework.

Try visiting the Chiese di San Giorgio, which is an old church that dates back to the mid-17th century. Here you can see Greek architecture and a facade of columns and statues. From here, go to the Palazzo Ducale, which is a lavish 15th century Castle. To unwind at the park, visit Piazza Matteotti. Stroll through the park and that will lead you to the nearby Piazza Mazzini, which is just across the road. Just find a shady area where there are benches to rest on.

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