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Backpacking in Italy

Italy: A Land of Promise

Italy is a dream come true for backpackers. As, from the majestic peaks of the north to the sultry south, few countries lend themselves quite so readily to strapping on a backpack and setting off under your own steam than Italy.

So full is it with things to see and do, that a week or so in one place is never quite going to cut it. Whether it’s great cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples or atmospheric villages and towns like the Cinque Terre, Italy is a land to be explored at length.

Across the length and breadth of the country, ancient monuments cry out to be discovered, beaches to be lounged upon and fabulous islands to be hopped! Great cuisine (which varies from region to region and town to town) is united by one thing: its unswerving excellence.

The list just goes on and on… Hostels in Italy are full of backpackers gleefully lapping up everything the country has to offer. Ultimately, there’s nowhere – absolutely nowhere! – in the world that’s quite like Italy.


A Backpackers Guide to Bologna
Lots of backpackers overlook the charming little city of Bologna in favour of the big-names like Rome, Florence and Venice. But it’s a big mistake. From its great food, to its attractive old streets and its wonderfully relaxed feel...

A Weekend in Genoa - A Travelogue by Ben Cooper
I turned up at my hostel in Genoa early on a spring evening. Although it was only late April, it was a warm night; swallows were swooping and the evening sunshine was casting long shadows as I walked the couple of... more

Naples - The good, the bad and the pizza!
Naples… a city full of crime, traffic, dirt and fantastic memories! Notoriously one of the most dangerous cities in Italy where pick-pocketing and mafia control run rife, however Naples remains a thriving city... more

When in Rome
The Colosseum, the Vatican, the Forum... where to start? Well, wherever you start you will end up with sore feet. There is a lot of walking in Rome, but fortunately there are a lot of espresso cafes... more

Finding the Light in Alberobello
For some, the typical backpacking blitz through Venice, Florence, and Rome is enough to satisfy a first time visit to Italy. But for those travellers who are itching to leave behind the well-worn tourist route connecting Italy’s well-known cultural and historical trio, there’s plenty... more

Palio di Siena
July 2nd and August 16th may be just dates on a calendar, but for the proud people who call Siena home, they are the eagerly anticipated moment of truth that is the Palio. This ancient horse race (in honor of the Virgin Mary) takes place twice during the summer... more

Keeping it Frugal in Florence
Though Florence may not be considered a backpackers’ haven, those travellers who intend to hit the town spending as little money as possible can do so quite easily. While on a shoestring, you can follow some of these money-saving ideas and it will be more than possible to experience... more

Verona on a Budget
Verona is a small (but significant) historic city in the north of Italy, famous for its opera and architecture. Yet although its reputation is one of culture and class, you can enjoy a visit to the city without having to splash out. Many visitors are drawn to Verona as the legendary... more

Experience Venice for Less
For the budget traveller there’s some good news and bad news about Venice. First, the bad news: Venice is an expensive city no matter how you try to save. Since its main share of tourism comes from the hordes of day tripping tourists who jam the city’s narrow walkways... more

Cantania on a Budget
Situated on the eastern coast of Sicily and lying in the shadow of its infamous volcano, Catania is the island’s second largest city, after Palermo. Less well known and more affordable than many other parts of Italy, it’s nonetheless rich in the culture, history and dolce vita... more

Backpacking Turin
Beneath its modern façade as an industrial giant, the city of Turin is packed with history and picturesque baroque architecture. And since it hosted the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, it has seen significant redevelopment and a corresponding growth in tourism... more

Backpacking Perugia
Perched atop a hill in the heart of Umbria, the historic town of Perugia is often overlooked by travellers on a backpacking tour of Italy. But with its ancient streets and unspoiled culture, it offers an authentic taste of Italian life, which can be hard to find in the country’s busier cities... more

A Backpackers Guide to Rimini
Situated on the Adriatic Riviera in the east of Italy, the lively town of Rimini is renowned for its beaches and nightlife. Although it can be quiet during the cold months, when summer arrives this resort buzzes with all the charm and crowds of the European seaside... more

Milan on a Budget
The mere thought of Milan can send a shiver down the spine of any backpacker on a budget. This swish and swanky city is widely recognised as Italy’s economic heart, and its reputation for top-notch fashion goes hand in hand with the healthy bank balances of its inhabitants... more

Rome Culture on a Budget
Italy is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, and its capital city of Rome houses the majority of them. The Italian metropolis is filled with monuments, statues and cathedrals which date back many centuries, never failing to astound travellers with its classical cityscape.... more

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