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When in Rome, do as the Romans do


If you are planning your first trip to Rome then you are probably wondering where to start to make the most of your holiday. Few cities in the world are so packed full of iconic buildings, amazing cultural centres, fantastic shopping and historical sites and it can be fairly daunting to try and decide which attractions to include on your itinerary.

One of the best pieces of advice to take is to spend plenty of time researching the sites and attractions of Rome before you get there. With so much to see and do it would be difficult to fit it all into a year, let alone a week, so make a list of your top ten things to see and go from there.

No doubt some of the sites of the ancient Roman Empire will be on your list of things to do and with the world famous Coliseum one of the most visited sites in all of Italy many holidaymakers will want to include this on their planned excursions during the day. Nearby is the Roman Forum, ruins of the ancient civilization which can be explored at your leisure.

Also a top choice is the Vatican City, the smallest city in the world, where beautiful buildings and fountains surround St Peters Cathedral with its distinctive basilica. Near to this are the world famous Trevi fountain and the beautiful Pantheon temple. It's worth taking a whole day to explore the beautiful buildings in and around the Vatican to make the most out of it.

Of course, there is much more to Rome than just its architecture and history. Porta Portese will delight visitors looking for some retail therapy as it is the largest outdoor market in the world. For high fashion the area around Piazza di Spagna and Via Condotti sports everything from the latest high street trend to designer boutiques and big names like Gucci and Armani.

Whilst travel agencies will often take the hassle out of planning your travel and accommodation in Rome, visitors will often pay a premium for the privilege. Often it can be more cost effective to find cheap flights to Rome and then select your own accommodation. Plenty of websites make it easy to find accommodation in Rome, such as

For many people they will naturally select hotel accommodation, but it is becoming more popular these days to consider a self catering apartment like the ones found on Apartments in Rome usually give you more living space as well as the freedom to come and go as you please. has a good selection to choose from, many of which are located in premium positions around the city and available much cheaper than the equivalent hotel would be.

Many properties come with air conditioning, linen and towels, so your holiday experience will not be any less than at a hotel. Most also have separate living areas and kitchens, meaning you have space to relax in the evening as well as prepare your favourite foods at a time to suit you.



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