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Time for Terme!


Italy is a country that many people associate with cultural tranquillity and complete relaxation. While this is predominantly due to the delectable cuisine and magnificent art available across the country, such an impression is strengthened immeasurably by the diverse range of spas and hot springs, or terme, that can be found on Italian soil. The cultural history of Italy may conceal such leisurely pleasures from public attention, but these spas are indeed part of that cultural history and their popularity is on the rise once again.

When it comes to spa breaks, Italy must not be overlooked. Here is a selection of the most attractive, relaxing and comforting spas in the wonderful country that is Italy:

Montecatini Terme

Even the Romans were aware of the soothing nature of Montecatini’s waters. It was first documented as a spa in the early 15th century and has quickly become one of Italy’s most famous relaxation resorts, attracting nearly two million visitors per year. Don’t let that number make you think that these spas will be overcrowded, though: the huge grounds house every kind of treatment you can imagine, from thermal baths to mud baths, physiotherapy to hypnotherapy.

Chianciano Terme

The town of health offers one of the finest spas in Europe. Its surrounding gardens are just as therapeutic as the mineral waters, which are renowned for healing of the liver. The many treatments include drinking the water from different springs around the area at different times of day to improve your digestive system and liver functionality.

Saturnia Terme

As a combined spa and golf resort, Saturnia focuses on “total multisensory pleasure”. It has 60 treatment rooms and 10 comprehensive spa programmes for the ultimate in relaxation. Speaking of which, there is a luxury relaxation area with precisely that name – The Ultimate – which, they say, completely transforms the traditional notion of a spa. Only you can be the true judge of that.

Fiuggi Terme

The waters of Fiuggi flowed to fame after Pope Boniface VIII declared that they had rid him of his kidney stones – a marvel that Michelangelo sustained around two hundred years later. Situated only an hour east of the capital city of Rome, Fiuggi’s springs have gained a reputation for their rejuvenating powers and are now amongst the most visited in Italy.

Abano Terme

In the Veneto region of Italy is one of the oldest and purest spas in the world. The volcanic activity in and around the area blesses Abano Terme with uniquely pacifying treatments for its visitors, including hot mud baths and thermal spas. The hot springs from the mountains of the Alps reach temperatures of over 80˚C, which can work wonders on deep-lying joint and muscle problems. You can have one of the most incredible and soothing spa days of your life in this place.



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