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Summer in Italy


Italy is in one of its loveliest forms during the summer season. The beaches are sparkling, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining – what could be a more perfect summer setting? If you plan to spend a great summer vacation in Italy, make sure your trip is lined up with great activities for a most unforgettable summer sojourn. Here are four tips:

Hit the beach!

No summer trip is complete without cooling down in a beach. Italy offers you some of the most magnificent ones in the world that you simply must experience on your summer vacation. Tuscany and the Italian Riviera are some of the areas where you can find the clearest waters and most beautiful sceneries. While you’re on the waters, play various sports, pamper yourself with spa treatments and take a lot of pictures.

Celebrate with the festivals

Italy is not just home to natural wonders; it’s also home to people who like to celebrate. This is evident in the hundreds of festivals held throughout the country every year. Summer is an especially great season for Italian festivals. For one, lots of local food festivals take place in the summer. Check out the famous Sienna horse race taking place in Piazza del Campo or the medieval festival in Brisighella. If you like sparks and fireworks, don’t miss the World Fireworks Championships in San Remo held all throughout June. For a lot of feasting and music, attend one of Sicily’s biggest festivals called "U Fistinu" of Saint Rosalia.

Indulge in great food and learn how to make it

Everybody knows that if there’s one thing that Italian takes seriously – it’s cooking. Hence the marvelous and innovative dishes and treats they come up with every waking day! Summer is especially a great season for culinary delights as this is when the freshest herbs and raw ingredients are cultivated and harvested and whipped into the most scrumptious meals. Summer is also a great time to indulge in frozen treats like the famous Italian ice cream called gelato. Almost all Italian cafes sell gelato, from chocolate to fruit flavours served in cones or cups. Furthermore, as you taste all the Italian treats every hour of your vacation, why not learn to make them as well so you have lifetime skills when you get home? Italy is famous for its cooking schools all set to hone you in the global culinary center itself and make sure you go home ready to whip up a taste of Italy whenever you wish.

Shop ‘til you drop

Italy is one of the most visited and celebrated countries in the world and it’s no surprise that the most prestigious shops and stores in the world are comfortable settled there. From the elite Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci in Milan and Rome to the busy flea markets of Florence and Turin, Italy is a shopper’s heaven, no matter what kind of shopper you are. Make the most of your summer vacation by scouring the best Italian finds you can take home for yourself or for family and friends.

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