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Rome to Florence by Train


The distance between Florence and Rome is about 180 miles or 290 km. Travel time by train ranges from as little as one hour 30 minutes to as long as four hours, depending on the train service which you are taking. The driving distance between Rome and Florence is 180 miles and the driving time is about three hours on the autostrada.

Trains leave from the Tremini station in Rome almost every hour throughout the day so you can choose which train to take. In Florence there are a few stations you can get off, but the two main stops are Firenze Santa Maria Novella (SMN) and Firenze Campo di Marte. There are two railway lines connecting Rome and Florence as distinguished by the Ferrovie dello Stato – the Linea Lenta (LL) which means “slow line” and the Ferrovia Direttissima Firenze-Roma (DD) which means “most direct Florence-Rome railway.” The former is used for the regional and InterCity train services, and the parallel DD line is used for the high-speed trains such as the Eurostar.

Trenitalia can be particularly helpful in getting more information on train schedules in Italy. It also offers information on great deals and discounts, which can be availed with advance purchase of tickets and seat reservations, group tickets or off-peak hours and season tickets. If you can, try to catch the “Amica” fare – this is available for all Trenitalia domestic trains. With the Amica fare, you can get a 20% discount on the basic fare if you purchase your ticket no later than midnight of the day before travel date. The Amica fare however is on a limited or controlled basis, but it would be practical to check it.

Expect of course to pay more for the high-speed Eurostar trains - a first class seat on the fastest trains costs about €56 and second class from €36-€40. For the Intercity trains, ticket prices range from €25-€35 for first class and €16-€27 for second class. Remember that this is basic ticket price, you need to also reserve your seat for the trip.

You can also save time and money by purchasing a rail pass for all of your train travel in Italy. Rail passes include the Trenitalia Rail Pass, Trenitalia Pass Saver,
Trenitalia Pass Youth, Italy Rail 'n Drive and the Eurailpass.



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