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Romancing at a Luxury Hotel in Sardinia


Planning that romantic trip away is always fraught with difficulties: the destination has to be historic and charming without being clichéd (so not Paris), luxurious without breaking the bank (definitely not Paris) and out of the tourist radar enough to avoid those untimely interruptions. Sardinia doesn’t jump to mind as a romantic hotspot – but it should. The gorgeous Mediterranean island is the perfect place for that spontaneous romantic getaway because it has everything a couple could want for their together time.

Sardinia lies just off the southern coast of Italy and is a gem of an island, easily accessible with most budget airlines. White sandy beaches, picturesque old towns, peaceful forest valleys and calm turquoise waters make this a much-loved holiday spot. Avoid the tourist season in August and the beaches will be sure to please even the least outdoorsy partner. The scenery is truly stunning and will provide the perfect backdrop for activities of every type. Couples who love the outdoors will find a wealth of activities to do together, including windsurfing, hikes, swimming and cycling the coast. For couples inclined to more traditional ways of relaxing, the beaches, the shops of the busier towns, and spas are available in the blink of an eye.

Urban homesteads range from ancient towns such as Alghero to glamorous high-end resort areas such as Costa Smeralda. Hotels range from the budget to the absolute top in luxury. You’ll find luxury hotels in Sardinia equal to any in more traditional romantic cities, but generally at a far better price. Find that special one to make the trip even better; the service, the food, the help and comfort will be worth the effort in searching. Italian hospitality is renowned for its warmth and humour, and Italy is famously friendly towards couples. Sardinia is the place to expect the best and to be blown away. The locals are quiet and reserved, happy to help and to mind others’ privacy.

Equally as top-notch as the hotels is the Sardinian cuisine. Food forms a cornerstone of every solid relationship; celebrate love and each other over meals of delicious fresh seafood and pasta, washed down with a bottle of local wine. Sardinia boasts dishes from every era of its long history and is ideally placed to combine the gastronomic artistry of mainland Europe with Mediterranean flair. Dishes to watch out for include culugiones, local types of sausage, stufato di capretto and torrone. Attempt the strong local wine Cannonau if in a particularly daring mood.

There is a wealth of places to visit on Sardinia and day trips are arranged easily. Explore the island’s inland forests and discover ancient churches. Visit the Maddalena archipelago to the north. Discover the history behind the island’s most famous city, Cagliari, and wander sites left from Roman times. Whatever flavour of attachment, Sardinia is the ideal choice for a romantic getaway. Couples can revel in the beauty, peace, luxury and relaxing atmosphere of the island; nothing less than the perfect getaway awaits



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