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Places to Visit in Italy


The land of spaghetti and the Mafia – that’s what many think of when Italy is mentioned. I am assuming, however, that you do know that there are lots more of reasons to pay Italy a visit. This country, which is shaped like a boot, is so rich in culture and history that it is definitely one of the top destinations in Europe. So what are the places that you have to visit in Italy?


Rome should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Italy. Once the cradle of civilization, this city still stands majestically centuries after. You have to allot more than a couple of days to truly experience Rome. In this city, you can visit the Vatican, the center of the Roman Catholic faith. Even if you are not religious, the architecture and art to be viewed in the Vatican makes it a must. You can also see the ancient Roman forum, the Trevi fountain, and so many other works of art and architecture.


Though Rome may be more famous, Florence is a city that can hold its own against the art and architecture of Rome. Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and is home to the world famous sculpture of David. Just to give you an idea how rich the culture in this city is, it was called home by the likes of Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Oh, and wine lovers would love to know that Florence is at the heart of Tuscany, the wine producing region of Italy.


If France has Paris, the city of love, then Italy has Venice, the city of lovers. Winding canals, beautiful old buildings, spacious piazzas (squares), and night rides on gondolas – all these and more are to be found in this city. One drawback is that Venice is known to be a bit on the expensive side. However, every euro you spend in the city is certainly worth it. They say that you will have the most romantic time of your life in Venice.


Home to the world famous Sicilian Mafia, this part of Italy has more to offer than organized crime. In fact, it is the least of the attractions that Sicily has. Some of the best Italian food comes from this region. There are a lot of islands off the coast of Sicily, which will attract nature lovers. And since Sicily has always been considered one of the gateways between Africa and Europe, the region is diverse in cultural influences. If I were you, I would go visit as soon as I could. The problem that they are facing right now is that the historical sites seem to be deteriorating quickly and the government’s efforts do not seem to be making much of a difference.


Another famous region in Italy, Umbria is known for the ultimate rural experience. While many of the artistic and architectural attractions in Umbria can also be found in other parts of Italy, it is said that the pace of life in this region rejuvenates you like no other. If you are looking for a real laidback Italian experience, then Umbria should be your destination.


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