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Opera in Italy


In 1600, the story of Italian opera unfolds, which can be classified into three great musical eras. It originated from the Baroque period, followed 200 years later by the Romantic period. The modern period appeared many years later. The term opera is from shortened Italian words “opera in musica”. In an old Italian performance, an opera portrays the movement of life as mirrored through tragedy, satire, or comedy. The modern period, as we know it today is an art form for the various facets of life to be brought into the musical stage.

Opera in Italy commenced as a form of leisure for the old aristocratic families. The terraces, courts, and other closed edifices were the usual stage for live performances. From its aristocratic beginnings, the Italian opera has moved on to open its performances to include people of all social classes. Today, a wide number of famous Italian operas are performed throughout the country. There is a main opera house for each area of Milano, Udine, Sassari, Arezzo, Novara, Trapani, and Alessandria. In addition to the various opera houses in most cities, the country also plays host to many prestigious Italian opera festivals.

These Italian Opera festivals are located from both the far ends of Solothurn and Martina Franca and scattered in the many cities and provinces of Italy. In Solothurn, the Opera festival involves the local Ensemble Theater of Biel-Solothurn and the visiting State Opera of Belarus, Minsk. It has staged its festival in the month of July. Reservations for locals and tourists may be made through phone, fax machine or email.

In the area of Martina Franca, the Opera Festival, which takes place here, is famed for specialising in reviving unknown works, with supporting talks, recitals and oratorios. The season opens its door to opera enthusiasts from July 21 until August 9.

The busy Accademia Rossiniana scholars hold the Rossini Opera Festival, which keep the festival supplied with new critical editions of Rossini’s works. The festival can hold a 1500 seating capacity. Booking is normally done through phone or postal service. Other festivals also take place in Barga, Torre de Lago, Antibes, Montreux, Pesano among other places.

The world famous Italian opera houses are the places, which brought international recognition to names such as Luciano Pavarotti, Renata Scotto, and Mirealla Freni. Its continuous homage to craftsmanship and discipline has provided the musical scene with promising talents such as Sonia Ganassi, Michelle Pertusi, and Barbara Frittoli. The quality of talent and the international reputation that has come with these names has been a constant reminder of the greatness behind Italian operas.

It is not difficult to fall in love with the beauty of Italian opera. Since its inception centuries ago, Italian opera has developed into a structured act rich with satire, historical epics, lavish costume designs, and vocal performances that could only come from an opera house in Italy. Throughout history, Italian opera has been a source of excellent music, both locally and internationally. The discipline and craft of many composers and performers continuously bring the Italian opera houses into the international limelight.

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