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Italian Cinema


Italian cinema can be considered to be an art form which has made its mark in the world of film for over a century. As early as 1895, Italian films have been produced in order to satiate the clamor for a visual representation of life. The movement of time, together with the rich and colorful history of Italy, has ushered the development of a substantial number of great films and documentaries.

Many films that depict the beauty and tragedy of Italy have been brought to the international market. We hear of unforgettable movies such as Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Malena, La Vita È Bella (Life is Beautiful), and so suddenly we reminisce tragic yet uplifting stories. Mention the movie Il Postino (The Postman), and it touchingly reminds us of the beauty in life’s simplicity. These films and many others have been hailed internationally as enthralling, beautiful, and magnificent works.

Film festivals in the country also abound. The Venice International Film Festival opens for competitive and non-competitive entries for 16mm, 35mm, and even for video. There are even film festivals that cater to specialised markets. The Giffoni Film Festival, for instance, concentrates on pre-adolescent cinema. The Human Rights Night Film Festival is dedicated to cinematic resistance for human rights abuse. The Ecovision Festival aims to give accolade to movies about the ecology.

Italian cinema has indeed flourished in the many years since its inception. As it ushers itself into the second century of filmmaking, Italian cinema undoubtedly remains at the forefront of European cinema.

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