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Gondola Rides in Venice


Gondola rides are a must for every tourist visiting Venice. However, there are two main guidelines that one should keep in mind: if you find it too expensive, don’t go through with it, and if you think the price isn’t too steep, make sure you understood what the gondolier said.

Venice has official rates for gondola rides, and the standard cost is €62 for a 50-minute ride. Exceeding that time will merit €31 per 25 minutes. At night, especially after 8pm, prices can reach €77.50 for 50 minutes. A gondola can carry up to six people.

However, these so-called official rates are not usually followed, so you will most probably end up paying €100. This doesn’t even guarantee you the promised 50-minute ride. Price hikes may also occur if you ask the gondolier to perform a song. This happens because gondoliers invest greatly in their gondolas. It costs about €20,000 for a hand-built wooden gondola that can last 20 years. Aside from having to recoup their investment, their means of living is also relatively higher, as living in Venice can be quite costly.

To avoid inconvenience, make sure that you and the gondolier have agreed on a rate before you enjoy your ride. If not, you may end up remembering your gondola ride for the wrong reasons. We recommend booking a gondola ride online before you leave for your trip.

If you decide to go through with a romantic gondola ride, head on over to the Tronchetto, or the Piazzale Roma to the Ponte di Rialto, and the Doge’s Palace. At any one of those places, you will most likely run into gondoliers that offer that uniquely Venetian experience.

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