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Five Things to Do in Italy That You Shouldn't Do Anywhere Else


Exploring Italy is an incredible cultural experience as every city, town and village has its own very distinct identity, rich history and heritage. Some of the world’s most iconic sites and landmarks can be found in Italy, as well as some of the most mouth-watering cuisines and delicious beverages. What activities should you only do in Italy? Read on to find out more:

Ride a scooter

It was the Italians who made the humble scooter stylish and dare we say sexy over 60 years ago when the first Lambretta and Vespa models were unleashed onto the roads and both brands have since earned cult status. Six decades later, tootling around on two wheels is an ideal way of getting about in Italy and is popular with both locals and tourists alike. Weave in and out of traffic or manoeuvre up narrow streets and back alleys on board a scooter and you’ll really feel at home here. It’s part and parcel of everyday life in a way that’s unique to Italy, with people of all ages doing it. Obviously, safety is of paramount importance so be sensible on the roads and get travel insurance. On some websites that specialize in getting customers cheaper travel insurance over 65 quotes from different companies are just a few clicks away, meaning it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.

Take pictures of naked men and women

No, this doesn’t give you permission to head down to the nearest nudist beach and snap away with your camera or spy on any of your fellow guests in your hotel or apartment block. Italy, of course, is famous for the stunning statues and sculptures that are never far from sight and nearly always lacking in any clothing whatsoever. The streets and squares of cities like Florence, Rome and Venice in particular are lined with architectural masterpieces and ancient monuments built in honour of the prominent men and women that have played such an important part in Italy’s history.

Throw money away

Arguably the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi Fountain, takes pride of place in Rome and it’s a tradition to chuck a coin into the water itself. How many coins you throw in is of great significance. Throw one if you want to return to Rome, two to find new love and three if you want your marriage to end in divorce.  It has been reported in the past that tourists throw roughly 3,000 euros into the Trevi each day, with that money then used to fund good causes in the city.

Go to the opera

There’s something quintessentially Italian about enjoying a night at the opera. Indeed, it was the Italians who gave the world the gracious and emotive art form back in the 16th century and opera in Italian means work. You might not understand the lyrics at an opera, but you can still very easily get caught up in the intensity of the storyline.

Eat dessert more than once a day

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then Italy will get your taste buds tingling with delectable desserts, the types of which are like nothing else you’ve ever tasted before. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting, as the old adage goes, and anyone who has feasted on gelato will know that it’s an outrageously delicious dessert, especially in high temperatures. There’s a subtle difference between ice cream and gelato: the latter is a frozen dessert containing more sugar and less butterfat. Whatever goes into making it, gelato is a taste sensation and it’s so moreish that you may struggle to stop yourself from having just one a day



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