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Beaches in Italy



Photo: The beach of Monterosso Al Mare in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Italy is a peninsula surrounded by the mountains and the sea. The Adriatic east coast in the east, Tyrrhenian Sea in the west, the Lake District in the north and the southern islands of Sardinia and Sicily all equally offer some of the most fantastic beaches in the world. With over 5000 miles of coastlines, dry and hot summers and sunshine most of the year, Italy is one of Europe’s favourite beach holiday destinations.

Summers are filled with a temperate climate and blessed with the cool breeze of the sea, enough to attract many to build homes and gardens right by the beaches. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beach or perhaps a way to cool down after exploring ancient cities, the warm waters, eternal sunshine and sandy stretches of Italy’s beaches are a must for all travellers.

Tourists will also find that the Italians take their seaside holidays seriously. Several environmental leagues have rated each and every one of these beaches using a host of factors, like cleanliness of the shoreline, absence of chemical wastes, environmental protection, and the quality and quantity of services available.

  Photo: A lazy summer afternoon at the beach in Positano, Italy.
Enjoy the refreshing energy from the sun as colourful arrays of deck chairs and sun umbrellas mark the seashore. From the Italian Riviera, Genoa’s resort towns to Positano in the Amalfi coast, Lombardy, and the Lake District’s grand hotels to Palermo’s Isole Pelagie’s total peace and quiet.

The best beaches throughout Italy are enjoyed because they are restful, good for naps and reading while enjoying a sumptuous lunch with wine accompanied by laughter among friends or family.

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